Wall of Trust:

Colinmurff | A friend of mine from malwareup, he gives me cake. :P

Malwareup | A malware forum that helped me get rid of a virus created by teh amp.

Halext | TheDarksider's site, hes really smart and is my new coding whore :P.

TomTKW | His site is hosted on Halext he helps me with computer stuff i dont get.

1toast3d | Hes awesome and doesnt troll on me and is teh worst spellar evar XD

MattGrubbTV | He is like my bestest buddy (no hes not) but we have a lot in common.

ieattacos | Him and i eat tacos together annnd i play with his vm over teamviewer!!!

RandomGuy | Hes a friend from malwareup also, he taught me basic CSS.

Gaurav | To Be Announced