Nightmare Log


I had a nightmare that i was in my living room and everything was dark, not one light would turn on. I went into the kitchen to get an apple i took one bite and a tooth fell out! I went to look and check it. When i poked it another tooth fell out and another and another and another. Within 5 minutes almost all my teeth were gone. I ran upstairs to get a toothbrush and save what teeth I could because apparently I thought it would help and they all fell out. Then the started scratching and attacking screaming BRUSH ME and that's when I woke up. (0_0)


this was a short but freaking scary nightmare I was walking when suddenly a giant hand was approaching me so I ran and everywhere I turned there was BEN reapearing no matter where I went while the song of healing was playing backwards I got cornered when I was in some alley I then proceed to yelling like heck til I woke up